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ASK beer - 4 variants

A wonderful flavour experience, that consists of all 4 varieties of ASK beer:

ASK VERBENA  – beer no. 1: Type: Lager/pilsner, 7% alcohol, 0.5 l. The aroma is acidic and salty with notes of plum, nettles, slightly burnt sugar or dark caramel, salicornia, a hint of horseradish, hops and sea. The flavour consists of plum, caramel, nettle, hops, a bit of citrus and finishes with verbena.

ASK SEDUM - beer no. 2: Type: Ale, 7.1% alcohol, 0.5 l. The aroma is characterised by date, prune, cocoa, burnt caramel, forest floor, woodruff, rye bread, oats, a slight smokiness, chestnut, hazel and animal notes. The flavour is strong and slightly bitter with date, burnt caramel and woodruff (almond paste, but bitter), malt and burnt caramel.

ASK SALICORINIA – beer no. 3: Type: Ale, 6.1% alcohol, 0.5 l. The aroma is characterised by malt, walnuts, salt/sea, coffee, bitter dark chocolate, chestnuts, a hint of leather, English liquorice and prune. The flavour consists of dark malt, prune, a hint of hops (bitter green like a beech leaf), walnut or bitter chocolate.

ASK SAVORY beer no. 4: Type: Ale, 5.2% alcohol, 30% savory, 0,5 l. The aroma starts with a slightly sweet and salty tone of smoked rye bread, woodruff, almond, hops and green papaya. The scent has an additional note of oats, birch juice and terroir. The flavour is dominated by hops, oats, rye and ends with woodruff. A slightly bitter finish gives the beer a breath of fresh air and makes it rather thirst quenching.

Price incl. deposit 1,50 DKK pr. bottle

ASK beer - 4 variants image

1. Price: 177,-


  • 1 pce

    Giftbox for ASK beer - 4 pcs

  • 1 pce

    ASK Jernurt beer No. 1

  • 1 pce

    ASK Steenurt beer No. 2

  • 1 pce

    ASK Salturt beer No. 3

  • 1 pce

    ASK Sarurt beer No. 4

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