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Camilla Ottesen - Vært i Blomster til Stjernerne

Flowers for the Stars

Flowers for the Stars – talent, passion and fierce competition. Three teams of talented, deeply passionate and highly professional florists in an intense battle to win the right to decorate major events for Danish celebrities.

The programme’s host is Camilla Ottesen and the Danish celebrities taking part in the six programmes are:

Master Fatman, Alexander Kølpin, Adam Duvå Hall, Kristian von Hornsleth, Tattoo-drengene and Christel Winther.

It’s great, it’s fun and it’s fascinating. Look forward to autumn and the brand new programme Flowers for the Stars on TV3 Puls.

Each week will involve a bouquet to suit each of the personalities.

As part of the programme we will hand out prizes appropriate to the six participants: Master Fatman, Alexander Kølpin, Christel Winther, Kristian Von Hornsleth, Tatto-drengene and Adam Duvå Hall.

You can enter the competition here

Our expert teams consist of the florists:

Trine Norby and Anders Vestergaard Pedersen;

Jonas Jensen and Dan Xavier Jensen;

Sabrina Maria Pagh and Tasha Jeannie Pedersen (alias Lola).