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Danmarksmesterskab i blomsterkunst

Danish Championship in Floral Art

The best floral artist in Denmark is Kristine Lyngsaa Gudiksen

Interfloras direktør Søren Larsen overrækker pokalen

The CEO of Interflora, Søren Larsen presents Kristine Lyngsaa Gudiksen and her assistant Rikka Jensen with the trophy.

Each year, when the best florists in the country come together for the Championship, it is no exaggeration to refer to “the most beautiful competition in Denmark”. It was the same this year, when the Danish Championship in Floral Art took place in the ‘Ridehuset’ in Aarhus.

22 participants had qualified in local championships. During the weekend, they all had to tackle three challenges, which made great demands not only on their technical skills, but also on their creativity.


Kristine Lyngsaa came first

Danmarksmester Kristine Lyngsaa Gudiksen - Iris Blomster, Fredericia

Kristine Lyngsaa Gudiksen in an intense state of concentration

The Championship was a great triumph for Kristine Lyngsaa Gudiksen of Iris Blomster in Fredericia. Earlier in the year she was crowned individual Nordic Champion in Stockholm and now, after her supreme efforts in Aarhus, she can call herself Danish Champion. In 2nd place came Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen of Blomsterværket Pindstrup in Aarhus, while Jonas Jensen of Jonas Jensen Blomsterdesign in Aalborg came away with the bronze medal. 

Danmarksmester for juniorer Mai Have - Blomsterhuset, Billund

Mai Have creates her favourite bouquet

The florist industry’s countless talented apprentices also took part in the Championship in a special Junior Class.

The gold medal was awarded to Mai Have of Blomster Galleriet in Billund, while Sarah Jepsen of Multiflower Design in Ringe and Christina Lykke Poulsen of Blomster Stalden in Gadstrup came away with the silver and bronze medals. 


Bridal work for gay couple

This year the challenges of the Danish Championship in Floral Art were a little out of the ordinary. On the basis of Denmark’s liberal law, which grants gay couples the right to marry, the first challenge of the Championship was a bridal work for a gay couple to be held by both parties. In the second challenge, the participants had to create their own favourite bouquet The participants had had three months to conceive and design their individual take in response to these two challenges. The third challenge of the Championship, which was unknown, was to create an arrangement for an anniversary.


A wonderful floral experience

Tusinde fulgte DM i Ridehuset i Aarhus

There was a great turn out at the Ridehuset in Aarhus for DM 2014

The Danish Championship in Floral Art was an exceptionally beautiful experience for the thousands of spectators who, on Saturday and Saturday, packed the Ridehuset. Impressive, stunningly beautiful floral decorations (some up to 6 metres in height) displayed floral art of supremely high quality and were constantly accompanied by comments such as “Woooow! How beautiful!” or “Get away! I didn’t think you could do that with flowers!”

 Glade vindere i DM 2014

Incredibly happy winners on the podium


The Danish Championship in Floral Art took place in the ‘Ridehuset’ in Aarhus on Saturday 20 September 2014 from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and Sunday 21 September 2014 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Admission DKK 20. 


Saturday’s programme

9.45 - 11.45
Challenge 1:
Create a bridal work for a gay couple. It must be possible for both parties to hold the work. Competition time: 2 hours. All participants received information about Challenge 1 three months in advance and have had time to conceive and design their individual solution.


12.15 - 14.15

Challenge 2: Create your favourite bouquet. Competition time: 2 hours. All participants are provided with the same materials and challenge. In the given time, participants have to come up with their best take on the challenge.


15.15 - 16.45 

Challenge 3: Undisclosed challenge. The participants are not told what this challenge is until the day of the competition. Competition time: 1½ hours. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for both the Junior and Senior categories will be announced during the party on Saturday evening.


Sunday’s programme

10.30 am - 12.00 noon Reception:
 Reception for professionals in the tent to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Aarhus division.

12.30 - 1.30 pm Awards Ceremony: Best Challenge 1-2-3. Best Technical Solution Challenge 1-2-3. Senior: Best Challenge 1-2-3. Best Technical Challenge 1-2-3. Everyone: Audience Prize 2014.

2.00 - 3.00 pm Stage Show: Show by former Danish champions in the Aarhus division.

Qualification All participants have qualified to participate in the 2014 Danish Championship in regional competitions.



Seniors: Fully qualified florists. Juniors: Apprentices.



The competition includes undisclosed challenges. In other words, participants know nothing about the challenge prior to carrying it out.



All challenges are judged according to the following criteria: overall appearance, colour, idea, and technique. The jury consists of highly skilled florists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden who have completed a special judge’s training course.



Kirsten Westergaard – Annette von Einem, København NV
 Katrine Mathina Schlichting – Warmdal Blomster, Valby
Trine Norby – Årstidens Blomster, Helsinge
 Per Larsen – Vestergades Blomster, Herning
 Maria Alskov Nilsson – Acacia, Skjern
 Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen (reigning champion) – Blomsterværket Pindstrup, Aarhus
 Karsten Pindstrup – Blomsterværket Pindstrup, Aarhus
 Susie Frank Nørgård – Curcuma Blomsterdesign, Galten
 Sally Blahin Glenn – Blomsterværkstedet Tine P., 
Odense NV
 Mette Ågård Rasmussen – Acacia, Svendborg
 Katharina Albrechtsen – Vesterport Blomster, Vejle 
Kristine Lyngsaa Gudiksen – Iris Blomster, Fredericia
 Stinne Rise Sønderskov – Flo*Rise, Hobro
 Jonas Jensen – Jonas Jensen Blomsterdesign, Aalborg
 Anne Plagborg Iversen – Anne Blume, Grindsted

Christina Lykke Poulsen – Blomster Stalden, Gadstrup
 Lene Bjergaard – Blomster-Bixen, Viborg
 Christina Pedersen – Blomsterværket Pindstrup, Aarhus
 Sarah Jepsen – Multiflower Design, Ringe
 Carina Østergaard Tønder – Anemonen Christiansfeld, Christiansfeld
 Mette Rogild-Jensen – Carla Blomster, Aalborg 
Mai Have – Blomster Galleriet, Billund


The best florists in Denmark meet up every second year for the Championship. It is no exaggeration to refer to this event as “the most beautiful competition in Denmark”. The Championship crowns the Danish Champion in Floral Design, who then goes on to take part in major international competitions. 

22 participants qualify in local championships and then enter the national competition, in which they have to tackle three challenges, which make great demands on both their technical skills and creativity.