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Terms and conditions for orders and deliveries

Orders to Denmark 
For delivery in most major towns and cities, it is possible to place an order even after 12.00 noon, for delivery on the same day. For delivery to rural areas and small towns, there may be instances where we have to receive your order before 12.00 noon, in order to deliver on the same day. On Saturdays we must generally receive your order before 10.00 am.  If you try to place an order, which cannot be delivered within the time limits, we will not be able to complete your order and you will be asked to choose a later delivery date.

For delivery to funerals, you must always provide the time of the service. Orders for bouquets, wreaths etc. with ribbons must be placed no later than 12.00 noon the day before. If the funeral is scheduled for a Monday, you must place your order by 12.00 noon on the preceding Friday. Orders without ribbons for funerals at 10.00 noon or before must be placed no later than 4.00 pm the day before. For delivery after 10.00 noon, we must receive your order no later than 3 hours before the funeral takes place. If the funeral is scheduled for a Monday , the order must be placed by 10.00 am on the preceding Saturday. 

If the recipient is not at home:
If you have granted us permission to place the order on the doorstep or deliver to a neighbour, that is what we will do. However, we cannot replace any orders that happen to go missing. If we judge that the temperature is too high to place an order of chocolate on a doorstep, we will return it to the shop and leave a card requesting the recipient to collect the chocolate from the shop at their earliest convenience. If it is very hot and there is a lack of shade, or if the temperature falls below freezing point, we will not place flowers, wine or chocolate on a doorstep. We will return the entire order to the shop and leave a card requesting the recipient to collect the order from the shop at their earliest convenience. 

If an order is being delivered to a block of flats or any other property where it is not possible to gain access to the corridor, we will return the order to the shop. If it is not possible to deliver a card (mainly because of the main doors to the staircases being locked), we will attempt to contact the recipient or sender by phone.

If you have not given us permission to place the order (as above) we will return the order to the shop and leave a card requesting the recipient to collect the order from the shop at their earliest convenience. The customer will not receive automatic confirmation, when delivery has taken place. If you want confirmation, please contact the shop responsible for the delivery.

We do not deliver on Sundays or bank holidays (with the exception of Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day). 

Orders for delivery abroad

We must receive your order the day before delivery. For orders to areas east of Athens, Helsinki, Istanbul, Israel and Cairo (Time zones GMT + 2.00), we must receive your order by 12.00 noon the day before, and on Saturdays by 10.00 am. Orders for delivery on a Monday must be placed by 10.00 am on the preceding Saturday.

For all orders 
In extreme weather conditions, such as snowstorms and freezing rain, deliveries may be subject to irregularities. 

We cannot promise delivery at specific times of the day, but naturally we do our utmost to fulfil your wishes. Normally we deliver your flowers or wine gift during normal shopping hours. We attempt to deliver all orders to business addresses by 4.00 pm. In the case of islands, which are not connected to the mainland by a bridge, we may not be able to deliver the order personally and may ask the recipient to pick up the order from the ferry company. Samsø is an exception: we can deliver personally. Delivery of orders to hospitals, hotels, company addresses, incoming or departing ships cannot be guaranteed, since it is not always possible to deliver to the recipient personally. Please note that a customer must agree beforehand to pay for an order, which may not reach the recipient. We deliver your flowers or wine gift in Denmark for DKK 70.00 and, for just DKK 80.00 we will have your flowers delivered abroad. There may be countries and parts of countries, where to which we cannot deliver. It costs DKK 35.00 to receive an invoice. Payment: 10 days net.

All prices and charges include VAT. 

We accept the following cards: Visa , Master , Visa Ecectron , and American Express

For card payments, the amount is withdrawn, at the earliest, 4 calendar days after the delivery date. However, all card payments will be withdrawn within 20 calendar days after the booking date. 

All orders paid via electronic invoicing to public authorities and government, regional or municipal institutions must include the EAN location number and purchase order number. In order to apply the EAN location number and purchase order, on the payment form you must select "Electronic invoicing public authority + 35.00"

Interflora guarantee that flowers delivered by Interflora are fresh upon receipt, that delivery takes place on the required day and that the value of the flowers matches the order. Any complaints should be directed to the dealer, which supplied the flowers or to Interflora-Denmark, Park Allé 382 B, 2625 Vallensbæk. Email: interflora@interflora.dk. Any such claim must be made within the first working day after the day of delivery and, in every case, our assessment will depend on the nature of the item and its natural shelf life. In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act § 17, paragraph 2, No. 1 pursuant to § 9 paragraph 2, No. 1, no right of revocation applies to the purchase of goods for continuous household consumption, including wine, chocolates, specialities and flowers. However, at Interflora you can cancel your order by emailing us right up until the last working day (local time) before the day of delivery.

All customers purchasing online receive confirmation both on screen and via email that the order has been received. Terms of delivery apply, as described above. All contracts are made in Danish or English.

How to shop with us 
To make a purchase on interflora.dk, simply follow the following steps.

1. Find the item you want
2. Specify who should receive your order
3. Put your order in the shopping cart, and then proceed to checkout.
4. Enter your personal information
5. Accept our terms and conditions
6. Choose payment method
7. Check that all information is correct and approve the purchase

Privacy Policy
This is how Interflora treats your data, when you order electronically!When you order a gift of flowers or wine, the information you have given (recipient/sender name and address, short text, your email address and what items you want delivered) is recorded and we log your IP number.Information is recorded in our database in unencrypted form. Data between Interflora’s different applications is transmitted in encrypted form via XML (SSL). Interflora use log statistics in order to ensure that the website is as user friendly as possible, and to see what items receive the most visits. 

Your IP address is used solely in the event of any misuse.This information is used to implement the order, which you have submitted. Staff at Interflora have access to this information. 

Information from the orders will not be disclosed for marketing purposes and we will not send unsolicited emails on the basis of this information. If you would like to receive the Interflora newsletter, you can only register on our newsletter page. We keep records for 5 years. Once registered, you can always access and you can object to registration under the provisions of the Privacy Act.

Contracts made after 24/12/2000 are kept by Interflora.dk . It is possible to access the contract under "My Interflora". If you would like to view any orders placed before this date, please click here.

The Interflora website requires cookies to be enabled on your web browser, but we do not store any personal information in cookies on your machine. 

Interflora is responsible for data.