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Apply for membership of Interflora

To become a member of Interflora, a florist must have a sound professional background and business standards, which at all times meet the current requirements.

If there is any doubt about the applicant's professional qualifications, Interflora must assess whether the florist should take a test .

Their product range must will be wide enough for us to assume reasonably that the shop can accommodate general Interflora orders. There must be a reasonable selection of cut flowers and plants, which are selected according to the season.

The requirements we lay down are our customers' guarantee!

Doesn't one have to have run the florist shop for years in order to join Interflora?

No, there is no requirement to have had your florist shop for any specific period prior to joining Interflora!

Can there be more than, say, two Interflora dealers in one small town?

Yes, Interflora does not take into account the number of Interflora dealers in one town or city, not even if one of them has been a member for a substantial number of years.

Apply for membership of Interflora:

The only thing, which Interflora looks at in terms of admission to membership is the shop's ability to meet our requirements for professional background and the shop's expression.

What does it cost to be a member?

The membership fee for Danish Florists is DKK 330,30 per month, incl. VAT
The membership fee for Interflora is 155,05 per month, incl. VAT

Upon admission into Interflora, a deposit of DKK 25,000, which yields interest at the market rate. In addition there is an enrolment fee of DKK 10,000 to cover a number of start-up expenses.

Procedure for approval by Interflora

  • Contact Interflora to get more information and application documents.
  • Submit application form.
  • Interflora visit the store for approval.
  • Upon approval, the shop must pay the sum of DKK 75,000.
  • The store will receive a starter pack.
  • Interflora comes to set up the PC and provides staff training.

You should count on between 1½ and 2 months for the approval process. Should you require more information and the application documents, please contact us here. All fields marked with * are required.



Apply for admission to Interflora

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