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Business profile


Søren Flemming Larsen, CEO.

We have approximately 15-17 full- and part-time members of staff in the head office. The board of directors comprises five representatives from the industry/members.

Today, approximately 450 of the best florists in the country are members of INTERFLORA Denmark. They work with us to deliver floral gifts throughout Denmark and the rest of the world. A total of more than 50,000 flower shops, in more than 150 countries, are members of INTERFLORA.

Globally, INTERFLORA delivers about 32 million floral gifts per year. That amounts to one gift every second all year round.

Product range
Of course, INTERFLORA mainly delivers flowers, but we also deliver all sorts of gifts for special occasions, including chocolate, wine and special decorative and gourmet items.

Three times WOW!
INTERFLORA’s goal for the next three years - 2015-2017 - is to provide the customer with a triple WOW experience in our shops and web shop.

The customer will sense that INTERFLORA is synonymous with genuine floral craftsmanship. The standards will be high, not only when it comes to fresh flowers of the highest quality, but also the creative way, in which they are put together. Every bouquet is a one in a million product. We will also raise the bar so that the customer gets a sense of excellent customer service in a shop or in the web shop. Last but not least, the time between placing an order and its delivery will be as short as possible.